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I have sewed for what seems like forever. I don’t know the ins and outs still but I can follow a pattern and I have gotten better at not needing a pattern at all. I love to sew lots of things, quilts, baby clothes but my most favorite this is to make costumes.

All kinds of costumes. I secretly love cosplay. Or maybe not so secretly. It’s my inner nerd thing.

I start planning Halloween in about February normally. The kids are required to pick a costume well before fall even rolls around. I make these costumes mostly from scratch but even the premade clothes often need modified. This last year Davis was Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. I had to hand sew his hand painted angels wings onto a modified thrift store found, leather vest. It easily took two weeks and very, very sore fingers but it’s one of my favorite costumes to date. This year I’m hoping to talk him into being Edward Scissorhands. As you can see, I’m a little late to my game. I need to get him convinced soon because those hands will take some time. I think he’d like to be Han Solo though. I’m fine with that too.


Sewing is a peaceful thing for me. It helps me to stop well, thinking. Watching each stitch helps keep my mind from thinking of all the things. And I need to stop thinking of all the things these days. Lately, needing the distraction, I have started making the costumes for a photography project I have thought about for years. I hope that I can actually do it because it’s something I really have wanted to do for a while. Time gets away from me, often. More often than it should. And I over think construction and then talk myself out of construction and then I am worried it’s not authentic enough. All insane. I get it.

In August our local mall is having a small “con” and I hoping to enter the kids. It doesn’t leave me time to come up with new costumes though and Davis is pretty dead set against using his Daryl costume again, even though I think it would win the special category. It’s a bad ass vest. I’d like to dress up myself except I have in my head that only size 6 hotties cosplay. And that I am definitely too old. But even us old women can make costumes. And I’d love to really get into it more even if I don’t wear them myself.

So there it is, my inner nerd out for all those to see. Although I suspect a lot people already knew. I can’t wait to take the first set of pictures. All I need’s a little pixie dust…

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