About me

My Family!
This is my family

Hey! That’s me and my family. I’m mom to the five little people you see pictured there. Yup, they’re all mine. The five “Ds”. Devlynn 17, Davis 13, Drew 10, Dexter 5 and Dixon is 2. They keep us on our toes with everything from lacrosse to Cub Scouts. Kevin, that’s the Dad guy and I have been married for 17 years. We’ve hit some bumps but here we are and we love each other. Ain’t nothing stopping us now. We’re a big family. We love big, we feel big and we do big. I couldn’t be more proud of all of them.

Little about me? I’m a drawer. A learner. A photographer. I’ve been freelancing since Devlynn was a baby and had mostly been doing photography until we added the baby to our family almost two years ago. I just got my first real, part-time job in years. I am so excited and eager to rejoin the work force after years of freelancing. I am excited to do both! Even though I know it will keep me on my toes! You can see some of my work on my other website or at Etsy.

Fun facts about me and my family

  • Devlynn is named after a dragon. Bonus points if you can tell me what video game that dragon is from (she was born in 1999 if that helps)
  • Actually, each of the kids was named from something out there. Davis for Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos. Drew for Dr. Drew Pinski (hello, Love Line). Dexter for Dexter’s Lab (Not the serial killer) and Dixon for my most favorite Walking Dead character, Daryl Dixon even though he was added in and not in the original comic books.
  • We’re from Colorado only I’m not a native. I was born in Nebraska but Kevin, Devlynn, Davis and Drew were all born there.
  • I’m totally self-taught. In everything from crafting to drawing to digital work. I take lots of online courses though.
  • I’m a pastor’s kid. And both of my parents are pastors although they didn’t start to work in church work till I was an adult.
  • I miss home, a lot. Even though we’ve been here for what seems like forever, I still feel like Colorado is home.
  • I drive a mini van, that I HATE. Not because it’s not a rockin’ van but because I feel like I sold my punk rock soul.
  • I used to be much cooler than I am now.
  • I once started a MOPS chapter but failed at it miserably.
  • I have had some kind of blog for the last 13 years.
  • I suffer from debilitating and exhausting anxiety and depression.

And so much more. But you get the idea.